DIANNE is a research project running at Ghent University - imec.

For more info on DIANNE and our research:

If you use DIANNE in your research, please cite one of those papers.


DIANNE is currently developed and maintained by the following team members:

Tim Verbelen received his PhD in 2013 on mobile cloud computing which resulted in the AIOLOS platform. Since 2014, he is working at iMinds IoT lab on distributed intelligence for supporting the next generation IoT applications. He is developing and maintaining most of the DIANNE platform code.

Steven Bohez is working on a Ph.D. at Ghent University - iMinds and is focussing on advanced mobile cloud applications that are distributed between mobile devices and the cloud. He is using DIANNE to deploy neural networks on mobile robots that are trained in the cloud using distributed deep reinforcement learning.
Elias De Coninck is working on a Ph.D. at Ghent University - iMinds on hybrid cloud systems. He is using DIANNE to research how to distill a minimal neural network to run on local infrastructure from a big teacher neural network deployed in the cloud.